The trigger reset, or rather the time it takes for the trigger to reset after one fires a round in a semiauto firearm is of great importance to competition shooters where wins or losses are computed in milliseconds.

Generally, the trigger resets immediately after the disconnector is disengaged and just as the slide goes back into full battery.

Colt 1911 style pistols have a very quick reset and double taps with them can produce astonishing results especially if in the hands of a master pistolero. You'd swear he/she had a burst mechanism in place.

The USP line of pistols from H & K for all their glory have a significantly longer trigger reset time compared to other semiauto pistols. For the function it was made for, which is tactical or as a duty pistol this is not a real issue as it still can put two 230 gr 45 caliber bullets downrange faster than you can say double tap. Because of this the USP is not top choice for IPSC style competitions. For european IPSC shooters there is the USP Expert which was explicitly designed and manufactured with competition in mind. The USP though is just about perfect for IDPA.