An innovative yet simple solution for the discreet concealed carry of sidearms. It is sold and manufactured by the people of

Thunderwear is an open top, inside the waistband holster that positions your pistol in the crotch area as compared to the hip or even back side area of traditional IWB holsters. While this does limit you to compact size autos or medium framed revolvers, full sized handguns can also fit but with less comfort to the wearer.

Thunderwear is worn in the front and the holster part resembles the profile of a pair of briefs, it also has a velcro strap that attaches to each other on your back for a snug fit. It is meant to be worn over your underwear and then concealed by tucking your shirt over it and under your pants. The result is a neat and discreet look while still being armed with a reasonably sized firearm.

Thunderwear makes each holster made to order so they can accomodate any appropriately sized pistol model and all waist sizes. The only draw back is that since your shirt is tucked in your pants and over your pistol there will be a slight delay in your draw and presentation, but with adequate training one should still be able to pull one's piece fast enough to shoot the bad guy. Remember that a .22 in the hand (or in one's person) always beats a .45 left at home, of course it is still better to have a .45 in the hand. If you need a discreet way to carry your concealed carry weapon, Thunderwear is worth a look.