Hmmm, the marlin 60 SB that i have been target shooting and plinking with misfired on me once today. It's the first time it has done it in about 150 rounds or so that i have fired from it.

Upon closer inspection it was faulty ammo that was to blame and not the gun, whew!, i'd hate to have to bring mine to a gunsmith.

It was a remington golden bullet 40 grain high speed round that caused the problem, upon later analysis it appeared that the misfire was caused by one, the round failed to feed completely (failure to feed), and it was a dud anyway. i figured it was a dud as after i chambered it again and pulled the trigger it still did not go off. i kinda assumed it ftfed on my because when i worked the charging handle to eject the round it did not extract or eject and thus the next round got in the way and i was in a jam that couldn't be cleared by just working the action. pretty weird that those two anomalies happened on the same round.

i loaded 6 rounds and fired 1, 1, 2, 1, 1. no failures whatsoever. whew! confidence returned!

i pick up the dud round, and on the rim were two firing pin hits, yep it was a dud alright.

Since i only tried the golden bullet for function testing i think i will finish the function testing tomorrow with the hyper velocity rounds and decide from there which one to stockpile.

So far i have succesfully used remington subsonic, and cyclone with no failures and i am almost through with my box of winchester super X target too.

I hope the vipers function just as well as i am leaning towards using that as my long range deep penetration hyper velocity round. The yellow jackets seem to pack a punch but i have heard they aren't too accurate, i will try them all the same and let you all know.

if you are still here, thank you.