Spongebob's less than witty pink starfish best friend who literally lives under a rock.

In most episodes his home, which is basically half of a spherical rock, is small and only big enough to fit Patrick. One time though, Spongebob went inside and there was a bed, a lampshade, paintings on the wall and it seemed pretty big. Possibly, this is a reference to how Snoopy's house is actually big inside despite of its small external dimension.

Patrick is voiced by Bill Faggerbakke.

His big dumb animal voice (Hey Spongebob), and humor is just something that I find so funny and it never fails to brighten my day here in the mental asylum. Patrick's voice not Bill's.

He hates going to the doctor because you are made to wait in a waiting room and made to read old magazines.

Despite of his seeming stupidity, Patrick must be pretty smart or gifted with slack as he seems to get by alright with no visible means of subsistence and actually has a college degree.

Patrick also invented inflatable pants.

I know a lot about head injuries belieeeeeeeeeve. . .(Patrick stops talking, eyes roll back in his head, and his tongue hangs out of his mouth and drools. Spongebob chimes in)...me.