Are usually very well meaning people, unless they are Sarah Brady or Diane Feinstein or Rosie O'Donnell, and sometimes I even agree with the reasons they have. The parents, not those three ladies whose names I mentioned.

I mean of course it is better to teach kids to play with each other and cooperate. Better for them to see what they can do if they help each other, rather than make a game of shoot each other's head off.

But there is a downside to this, making guns verboten, be it real, airsoft, replica, or cap and ball, gives them this mystique. This false sense of magic.

Consequently, these kids will probably also not have any firearms handling training, unless of course they get sent off to military school. And this, can be dangerous. It is better to educate than to just plainly say no because I said so.

You can never childproof a gun, but you sure can gunproof a child.

Instead of needlessly bloating e2, I'll instead put a link here that points to a related article,

Firearm Safety, a matter of education not legislation.