The story behind the Mozambique Drill involved Mike Rousseaou and an AK-47 wielding terrorist in the area around the Laurenco Marquez airport in Mozambique.

Said terrorist began to forward on Mike and knowing of the danger he was in, Mike drew his GP35, a Browning Hi-Power 9mmx19 pistol, and fired two shots at his attacker. The two shots hit both sides of the wishbone but somehow did not stop his attacker. Realizing his failure to neutralize he then paused and took an aimed shot for the head. You can imagine that adrenalin was rushing high for Mike and that he was obviously unpleased by the lack of reaction of the terrorist after being shot twice, he aims for the head but mashes the trigger and hits low, severing the spinal cord. This finally ends this encounter.

Mike survived this one but was to be later killed in action in the Rhodesian War.