The Jargon File, fetchmail, and The Cathedral and the Bazaar are probably the top three things that esr has created that most people know him for.

He is also a supporter of freedom in all its forms. From free speech to free software, though some believe those two are one and the same. When I said all its forms I mean all, esr will even admit to being an anarchist.

esr: "Burn all your GIFs"

Also an avid marksman, esr is a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. His personal shooting rig for competition is a Colt 1991a1 in .45 acp but he also owns shotguns and rifles. He does seem to have a liking for the 10 mm cartridge and owns a couple of Glocks in that caliber. He also got his wife a Glock in .40 S&W.

For people who still believe that civilians have no business owning guns for whatever purpose he has this to say:

If you disagree with everything I have said on this site and are gung-ho for gun control, I suggest you live up to your convictions by posting a big sign on your front lawn that reads:


I wish you joy of all the delightful visitors you will attract.

No? Sound like a bad idea to you? Then perhaps you should consider how dependent you are on the kindness of ``gun nuts'' and rethink your position...


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