Apparently a software industry writer who once wrote about Geeks With Guns on The Boston Globe. Apparently also, this guy doesn't know much about geeks and knows next to nothing about guns. Which is perfectly fine until you write about them in a broadsheet newspaper.

Hubbard, who has been shooting guns since he was 7 years old, also acted as arms dealer that evening, bringing seven of his own guns for others to shoot. A crowd favorite was the Sig Sauer P220 0.45 millimeter automatic handgun; also known as the "James Bond" gun.(sic)

First of all, a 0.45 mm pistol (if there ever was one) would be firing needles, 0.45 mm is less than half a millimeter! He probably meant .45 caliber as that is what the Sig P220 is most popularly known to be chambered for. Something he could have easily learned if he just came at least two feet close to the pistol or even handled it.

Note that the supposed arms dealer did not actually sell anything, but rather, out of the kindness of his heart, just let others borrow what he had.

Just a comment, if your crowd is already awed by a semiauto .45 acp pistol, it doesn't really say much about your crowd. Hardly gun nut material I'd say.

The Sig P220, or any other Sig Sauer pistol for that matter, has never been known as the "James Bond" gun, in his earlier books Ian Fleming gave James a browning in .25 acp and later on the ever popular Walther PPK in .380 acp which is the de facto "James Bond Gun" image. Although nowadays, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan as of this date) now carries a Walther P99, obviously as further marketing for Walther and no longer the author's idea. The poster for the latest James Bond movie though sports neither a Walther or a Browning but rather a suppressed Beretta 92F pistol on ice. This pistol is aka Beretta 92FS SD.

I got hold of his email and I got a reply saying "I am not a guy", I am not sure if the person meant that he was gay or maybe the person is a girl.