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[Aka] the [Thirty Aught Six] [Springfield], this [cartridge] was the [thirty caliber] cartridge that was adopted for use in the [M1 Garand] back in [1906], hence the '06. [Aught Six] came from "Naught Six" which meant the [numbers] [zero] and [six].

It is a [semi-rimmed] cartridge that [fired] a [166] [grain] bullet at about [2850] [fps]. [Different] [bullet] weights and [load] levels are also [available].

Now no longer a [NATO] [adopted] [round], the [30]-'06 continues to serve as a fine hunting round and all purpose big bore rifle caliber.

Some [high powered] [rifle] [matches] even have a [special] category for [people] who like to compete using a [M1 Garand] which fires the 30-'06.

The 30-'06 is much more powerful than the current [NATO] [30 caliber] round which is the [7.62mmx51] and has a [NIJ threat level] rating of [IV] which is the highest [threat level]. The [7.62mmx51] is rated at [threat level] [III].

Be aware that [caliber nomenclature does not make any sense] and that the cartridge [30-30] means something else entirely. The first [30] does mean the [caliber] but the second means that it is a [cartridge] that is loaded with [30 grains] of [black powder]. [Like I said], [caliber nomenclature does not make any sense].

We all have the 30-'06, the [M1 Garand], and the [brave men] who wielded them to thank for the freedom ([well, at least we aren't under Nazi rule] or [jap] rule for that matter) that we have [today].