The Unteroffizier is also a player class in the Half-Life World War II modification “Day of Defeat”. In the game (as of Beta 3.1), he is armed with the MP40 machinegun, a grenade, Luger pistol and shovel (for humilation kills/moments of sheer desperation).

The following is reproduced from the Day of Defeat classes documentation:

Like the Allied Sargeant, the Unteroffizier is a class designed for assaults, as well as close-in engagements. This class is very similar to the Scharführer class, although the MP40 trades damage for reduced recoil.

As it says, the Unteroffizier is great for close-range combat, but the MP40 is pretty much useless over long distances due to its hopeless accuracy and low damage. On Day of Defeat maps such as Avalanche and Ramelle a good Unteroffizier can (literally) make a killing in the narrow passageways, whereas on maps like Overlord he is far less effective.