Juliet Prowse Born September 25, 1936 in Bombay, India to Reginald Morley Prowse and Phyllis Thelma Donne. Her father was of English heritage while her mother had been born in India of English parentage. Though born in India, she was raised in South Africa.

She started training at the age of 4 to become a ballet dancer and at 14 she was dancing with the Johannesburg Festival Ballet. She literally outgrew her ballet career as she attained a stature of almost 6', so changed to become a ballroom dancer. She signed to become a chorus dancer with the London Palladium. Following that she pursued a dance career in European nightclubs. She was seen performing in Paris by American choreographer Hermes Pan which led to her most memorable role in Walter Lang's 1960 movie adaptation of Cole Porter's musical 'Can-Can', where she played the role of Claudine.

It was during filming of Can-Can she met and became romantically involved with her co-star Frank Sinatra. Following came a role in 'GI Blues' which was Elvis Presley's first movie following his stint in the military. She became involved with Presley, though still linked with Sinatra. She became engaged to Sinatra, though for a brief 43 days, in 1962. Reasons for the failure of the relationship vary from her refusal to end her career to become Mrs. Sinatra to Sinatra's resentment at being requested to go to South Africa to meet her parents. He felt he was being required to 'meet their approval', which he resented.

She ran afoul of the film movers and shakers when she made several requests that they felt were excessive, such as requiring they provide her with her own make-up artist and have her secretary accompany her at studio expense. Seeing her movie career fading she made the move to TV. Her roles varied from her own comedy series] 'Mona McCluskey' to guest appearances in many musical/comedy shows such as 'The Steve Allen Show', 'The Andy Williams Show', 'The Perry Como Show','The Love Boat', and 'Fantasy Island'. She was the first guest to appear on 'The Muppet Show'.

Her legendary good looks and legs landed her many commercials for cosmetics and panty hose.

She married The Bold and the Beautiful TV actor John McCook in 1972. They had one child, a son named Seth. The marriage with McCook lasted 7 years, ending with acrimony on both sides.

She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1994. Her last public appearance was in 1995 in a 10 week summer run of 'Sugar Babies' opposite Mickey Rooney in Las Vegas.

She died on September 14, 1996 in Los Angeles, California.