7:34 PM

Decided to participate in the healthful exuberance that is New York sports culture, and watch the World Series. You all do realize there will be a riot regardless of who wins. New Yorkers are just like that. I'm a Yankees fan for future reference. Not that I don't like the Mets or anything, they certainly have a good chance of winning this Series. They should have won last nights game, but they made too many mistakes and the Yankees just barely squeezed by, lucky for me.

Tonight we will see Mike Hampton vs. Roger Clemens. Wow. Intense stuff, I can't wait.

7:56 PM

Still waiting for the game to *actually* start. Damned pregame shows. I'm hoping for 8 o'clock.
In the meantime, I'm trying to sell my Athlon Thunderbird Biostar motherboard. Bought an 800 system this summer, and this is the board that it was built on. I went right out and bought an Abit KT7, much better one for a tweaker like me. The Biostar MK7MB isn't bad, it's nothing amazing either. Quite stable. I hope someone on ebay will pay enough to recoup my cost of the KT7, or at least part of it.

8:12 PM

I'm listening to Neural Man, are you?

9:00 PM

I woke up around noon this morning, by the time I got dressed and done with my shower it was almost 1. Why am I so tired? I haven't done anything today. Noding isn't that draining. Believe I need a nap.

9:49 PM

Just finished a lovely game of Counterstrike. Those lovable terrorists, always trying to bomb things. Must stop them. Must play violent video games. Oddly, I'm less violent now than I did when I watched TV. Guess it's an outlet for my frustration. It works too, whenever I'm stressed, I play games. Calms you right down, as long as you remember that its just a game. Take that Mothers Of America. I heard Roger Clemens threw a bat at Mike Piazza. Guess he doesn't play enough.

10:54 PM

That was quite nostalgic. I haven't played Starcraft in almost 16 months. It is still quite addictive and entertaining. Very impressive for a 3 year old game, and a sign of a quality product. It's real cheap now, go out and get a copy. And the Brood War addon is an essential. The multiplayer community is still going strong too.

I'm going to bed now. Sleep well E2.