It was the strangest dream...

I was heavily pregnant - I could barely move. I already had two little brats, er, darling children and some sort of guy I was living with. He wasn't a bad sort. He obviously cared about me a great deal. But for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to turn the lights on in his house!

I took my kids (all 3 of them) to the museum, and sure enough, I started to have labor pains in the museum as we were going to the top floor. There were undead skeletons that were milling around us, but they weren't malicious.

I sat down on the hard floor and ... well ... had a baby. Since I've never had one before outside of my dreams, I can only describe it as sort of like pushing out a giant piece of poo. It was painful, and it took forever. My new son was thus born.

Fast forward to the next dream - I was pregnant again! (I don't even recall having sex in between dream 1 and dream 2.) Heavily pregnant again, about to pop, mind you. I started to have labor pains, but they soon subsided. I felt my belly and didn't feel a kick. I was afraid that maybe my baby was dead.

Fast forward to the next scene - I was out on some cliffs with some friends trying to shoot down these Russian spy women that wanted to kill us. I moved with the agility of a fat cow. And then, hanging in mid-air between two cliffs, I had the urge to go into labor again. The rope I was hanging onto was shot and I fell 1000 feet to my death.

When I woke up I felt my belly several times to make sure I wasn't pregnant. This dream was so strange. I've been celibate for nearly half a year now and I've never had even been pregnant before. Yet I just experienced child birth.