Wow, I saw some motels that weren't fit for animals to live in today, much less humans. As I walk into this place, I see several guys lounging around outside, shirtless and smoking pot. The 300 year old lady behind the counter hands me a key to go check out the room. When I step into the elevator, the first thing I see is a big pile of cigarette butts floating in a puddle of urine. I try not to vomit and finally found my room. All over the corridors I can see big brown marks that smell as if they might be glops of feces. When I get to my room - the smashed in parts of my door freak me out a little, but that's nothing compared to the fungus growing in my bathroom. I quickly get out of there as fast as possible because. You couldn't pay me to live there, much less $150/week. On the way down I ran into several large garbage bins and nearly pass out from the noxious fumes coming out of them. Oh. My. God.

The next place looked better from the outside - also there was a door that can only be opened by the guy behind the counter to get in. The carpet looks very worn and dirty, but at least it doesn't smell too bad. My room is the only room of the 5 surrounding rooms that has a window. No air conditioning, no TV, no phone, and no bathroom. I have to share a bathroom with 10 other people. That's OK - I don't really need to use it that much.

Then, I notice that my bathroom door doesn't close - much less lock. The ill fitted door is just too big for the door frame. The bathroom also doesn't have a shower - just a tub. At least there's a bathroom down the hall that locks and has a shower. I left long black strands of hair all over it, but I don't exactly see anywhere else to put them... no trash can.

Later on, I was taking a dump when someone knocked on the door. Of course I had my foot and hand on the door so that it would stay mostly shut. What was i supposed to say in response to the knock? "Who's there??" Anyway, I mumbled something and i guess they must not have understood me because they pushed the door but it might have only opened a sliver before they realized someone was inside using the toilet. They apologized and left. But it disturbed my already constipated poo!!

Anyway, there's a dead cockroach or two in the bathroom and skid marks on the toilet seat. I try and put a sheet of toilet paper on the toilet before I have to use it.

All the skanky women standing outside scare me too.

This whole place is very 1930s. I feel as if I've taken a trip back in time. Only two more weeks...

I think I'm already starting to go a little nutty.