when i first woke up, i had the distinct feeling for a brief brief moment that i was back in my bed in san diego. but alas, no such luck. here i am in omaha - without a place to live. the dorms will be kicking me out for their real students to move in tomorrow, and i have yet to find a place to move into! exciting!!

two months ago, everyone was so eager beaver to help me find a place to live post dorm. now, when i call them and ask for help, they ask "what? why haven't you left yet? i thought your professor wanted you to go home early!"

only two more weeks - i keep telling myself that.

looks like my only option left is the run-down motel with corridors strewn with human and dog feces. my self defense class will really come in handy now! it's not as if any doctors within 4 miles of the medical school residential area has an extra room. the same doctor that told me that he wouldn't sleep in the motel if he had a loaded shotgun under his pillow didn't seem interested in helping out a girl half his age and a stranger to the city. i must be real seedy looking or something.

come tomorrow, i'm going to take my two suitcases, buy a copy of the omaha world herald and curl up on a nice park bench for a few hours a night. our lab has plenty of emergency showers - if you don't mind cold industrial water. i can't wait for tomorrow to get here.

woe is me