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My father was the 1950's American sensation , WHIPMASTER, primarily known for his lead role in the radio show "Whipmaster" also starring in such films as "Whipmaster and the Queen of Asia", "Whipmaster, Scooby-Doo, and the Surf Ninjas Defeat Giant Hulk Hogan", and "Whipping that Drug Habit with Whipmaster." He was a huge activist in the anti-women's rights movement, and an advocate against allowing women to have speaking roles in plays movies and the ever popular radio shows.

In 1997 my father's magical talking whip, Susan, left the show citing my father's inappropriate sexual conduct as her main reason for leaving. Susan later co-starred with Haley Barry in "Catwoman." The role of the whip in "Whipmaster" was filled by the antenna from my father's '93 Toyota Tercel. "Whipmaster" was cancelled soon there-after.

My father stricken with grief became an alcoholic, though he never allowed his whipping skills to fade. He used his "whip" nightly, and would laughingly refer to whipping me across the face as "kissing me goodnight."

When I came of age I challenged my father to a whip duel. Winning the duel I became alpha male of the Campbell Family Clan and the new Whipmaster.

I then proceeded to roam the Colorado country side fighting for my meals. I was also a businessman. Why not? In fact, the movie "Joe Somebody", that's supposed to be based on three weeks of my life. Though, if it were up to me, I'd have called the movie "John Somebody".

With the money given to me for the rights to my story, I've paid my tuition to CSU. And now enjoy a simpler more library related life.