I dreamt I was at some place I called my home (I've never been here before!) A ghost appeared to me: a big tall man, once strong, now of the sickly appearance of a shade. I was slightly scared.

There was something about the bathtub. Was Jane lying in it? Unconscious? I don't remember.

After I knew I had enough evidence to "prove" the existence of the ghost I called for help. I think there were people I knew upstairs and also some policemen.

We were walking down the stairs. Ah, now it was Jane in the bathtub; it had been the ghost before. I dragged her out of the tub.

We knew the ghost was up near the ceiling somewhere behind a very old-fashioned fuse box.

As I had proof (don't ask me how you prove the existence of a ghost - whatever - I had proof) so the others believed me and we started discussing and arguing about our course of action. Meanwhile the ghost was writhing on the floor trying to get our attention. Like a small child. I told him: "Oh, stop that!"

He pointed at his chin and his forehead. He looked fairly sick. We continued discussing until it suddenly occurred to us that since he was trying to tell us something, maybe we should listen to him.

Somehow he made it clear to us that he had been shot in his chin and forehead and had then been left to "starve" to death. He'd been left where he "lives" now. We'd probably find his skeleton some time...

He wants us to find the "offspring" of the one(s) who had done this to him, and inform them about their forefather(s)' deeds.

When I suggested telling his offspring too, the others laughed at first: since he was dead, how could he have any relations? (I don't remember how this premature conclusion was resolved.)

We discussed some more and finally agreed on helping him.

While we'd been discussing he had become more and more substantial and less sick looking. He was actually fairly handsome. (At one point he also remarked on his fate; something along the lines of: "Here I am such a handsome man, yet I was killed and am now a ghost.")

It's agreed that since I'd found him I was going to be the leader. They all shook hands with him. But me - he kissed me on the cheek. At this moment everything around me froze and I was so scared. I felt all his coldness and his fear.

I woke up at this moment. But the fear lingered. I was very scared. Somehow the last part of this dream was very strong...

I had another dream that night - it followed the ghost dream. The atmosphere was fairly similar, but I remember less detail.

I had done (or not done) something wrong in some sort of secret society and it was decided that I had to die. Something about jumping from cliffs or mountains. Some kind of ritual killing in which I had to go in my own free will.

They showed me the maps (scale 1:25'000) of the area and showed me the path I had to follow and where it was supposed to happen. The path was exactly on the edge of two maps, so they needed both maps to show me. I played along with it all the time. But I wasn't resigned to my death. I was definitely planning to live on. Also I wasn't panicky. I was slightly scared, but all in all very coolheaded.

I didn't have to find out how I could escape because sometime on our walk through the woods with me desperately trying to come up with a plan for escaping, I woke up...