Judging from the little anime I have seen (Neon Genesis Evangelion and first eps of many major titles), I'd say that anime can be remarkably multichannel multimedia.

Meaning that you will get data from multiple medias and channels simultaneously; for example, you might be watching a scene where you try to see characters doing something that's visually meaningful (ie. gestures), listen to what they are talking about and try to hear what's on the radio in background as well.

This, of course, because all channels will contain data that is meaningful, a radio program with something sarcastic or otherwise amusing for instance.

This should not be anything charasteristic to anime, but so it seems. Correct me if I'm wrong.

For all that I can only say... makes my brain hurt to follow it, especially since Japanese sometimes speak so damn fast/short expressions that the subtitle will be gone in secs in any case. But that's just good.