The creator of this nodeshell obviously meant "need" as in "instrumental to survival", which religion indeed is, among other uses.

Religion is a motivator for "good" actions (say what you say about selflessness and ethical atheism, but most people aren't capable of acting decently without threat and reward.

Religion helps enforcing laws (just look at commandments of almost any religion, without further exploration I'd guess that pretty much any developed religion has some kinds of "thou shalt not ..." orders, typically concerning inter-society murders, theft, rape, cowardice and such. Likely not all, but some.

Religion helps people as individuals survive, thus helping the society in whole. Yesterday, we had drug education (whatchacallit, "Drugs are bad, mmmkay?"). The person was member of pentecostal church, I believe, and he told his story of how he got out with aid of religion and love. As much as I resent this sort of marketing of religion to those too weak in mind to defend themselves (talk about preying on the weak and sick), I must agree that religion can help people out of all sorts of mental disorders. Afterwars, our biology teacher (unsurprisingly, apparent atheist/agnostic) told his version: "Trading one addiction to another".

So, yeah, human race still needs religion. That doesn't mean we have to like it.