After that I can only say, C!... and that society killed traditional kill-or-be-killed evolution and replaced it with more interesting forms.

The problem is, these interesting new forms can't really tamper with our heritage which still pretty much gives the frame for what we can be. And this frame is made for creatures that live in woods, not to "civilized" people. I expect we will eventually kill ourselves because our biological frame didn't have time to develop before we froze it. And this xenophobia of ours might cause that we will never really be able to remove violence, greed and other unwanted features (they are very handy as motivating forces to progress, but very un-handy considering that they can produce sabotage of competition as well as improvement of own products), people being hysteric over genetic manipulation of mankind and/or breeding mankind.

I guess we just have to make it sneakily, that is, build a society where non-destructive people will do better.