Dear day log, today I felt dizzy.

First, in the morning, I was even more detached in school than usual. Well, that's not completely out of order. Anyways, day proceeded as usual, until the Mikrobitti magazine came. There were new version of two of my "old"-time classics, Areena and Wings. This in itself is worthy of notice, but when I was downloading the new versions, I hit a textmode lib, called Terminality, that emulated the classic Borland Turbo C console functions ! Coding in it was like being reborn. The joy has come back to console! Rejoice!

In other news of the day, I forgot how to code. Since when has C++ allowed me to do...

int** a;
a=new int*[5];
a[0]=new int[10];
a[1]=new int[20];
? I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but suddenly I realized I had been doing it for years and had no idea. Umm. Sorry. I'm going incoherent. Bye.

this day log rambling is getting out of hand...