Dear day log, I have found perl! I feel so happy.

I never realized how effective non-compiled languages can be. It's amazing. I must admit that writing it makes me think of good ol' DOS .BAT -"coding", but it's really like tinyfugue generic plus.

In other news of kaatunut's non-life, my ring has finally started to stabilize in left finger for school (and other public presence) time, but seems to move into right finger as soon as I get home. Well, I guess that's not that bad either.

But that's not all! I also received practise papers for mathematics competition for finnish colleges today. Too bad I had almost no clue at all as to how to solve them (until I peeked at the answers, that is)... in the beginning. After few ones, I started being able to make solutions but the speed is still gruesome, takes about 4 times as much as the test gives me time, and the proofs are still quite long, clumsy and informal (as in non-formal, not as in info-rmal).

Finally, I just finished my first real perl application, E2 node watcher. It should give you reports of what has changed in your writeups (ie. this node's rep changed +2, this node C!d, this node nuked/killed). I haven't tested the whole in live, but offline tests seemed to work. In fact, I'm writing this ramble just for that, to see if it works. Ah well, sumbit time!