Dear daylog, today was a strange day, but then again, isn't every.

It started out boring, college force-feeding me information about things like history that I really don't care about. However, life is as boring as you make it, so I took a liberty of reallocating these lost hours of my life; for one, my TI-89-gameplaying (especially one called queue, it contains coolest versions of tetris and especially quadra) both in- and out-lessons is getting out of control. The people who might claim to know me are saying that it's not healthy to spend so much time sitting on stairs playing it (what should I do then, sit on coaches and talk shit like them?), or even suggesting it's fine treatment for over-intelligence (it was unclear what that had to do with me). Nevertheless, it killed time off pretty jollily (I need to cut on use of that word).

When english lesson started, my personal schedule had moved to mathematics (it's strange, I do maths on every lesson except on maths lesson where I just play games). That I actually managed to prove that cos (1/2)x=sqrt((1+cos x)/2) was quite exhilirating. Similar proof for cos (1/3)x was underway when I ran out of time. Approximately at this point I realized the strangest thing; apparently my silver ring (a thing around your finger) has developed a free will at some point. A while ago, I noticed my finger had developed a rash where the ring was. Because of this, I decided I'd move it to the only other proper finger, left middle finger (from right middle finger; strange how problematic the choice of finger can be... index finger is too fat, so-called ring finger is reserved for something I certainly am not and little finger is too thin). At the same time, I decided this was to symbolize the "new me" (one free of certain social habits, if not even blocks or restrictions). However, the ring kept moving into my right finger. I'm not sure how, on some occassions I have no memory of moving it but I still find it from my right hand. Damnit, it's there again! This must symbolize my resistance for change. There, it's now in left finger.