Whee. So the matriculation examinations have begun, and I'm on my way for a white hat, hopefully. The start wasn't from the best end (11/20), but hey, every man has to start somewhere. It's not like anyone needs to understand swedish anyways (I mean, just compare swedish and finnish presence on E2 and draw your own conclusions...).

Hey ho. It seems my spacebar magically fixed itself. Strange. Well, anyways, yesterday someone I might call a friend called. I haven't been in touch with him much lately, though he moved back here after a failed attempt studying in a university. In fact I've been a bit avoiding occasionally; I've had in past some suspicions of his motives. Specifically, sometimes it seems he thinks I'm gay. I'm not. No, it's not a closet thing. Anyhow, he called last night and started ranting about massive neural networks; specifically, he was intent on the idea of some sort of mega-brain developing spontaneously over some media in our world we aren't aware of currently (I think he meant something like in ac, asimov's Gaia or Nemesis planet etc, only more global). I, being a vicious rampant atheist, laughed at his idea and proceeded to question him if he has turned religious or if not, if he has any clue about evoluation at all. I mean, really! What sort of evolutionary pressure pushes for interplanetary consciousness? Sheez...

It turns out he's going the way I've seen one friend go already; flip on the kook side. He tried to say that there's life after death by rather hazy references to certain interpretations of quantum mechanics and the "everything is possible" / "everything is true" / "nothing is absolutely true" line. After some hour or two of rants about non sequitur, invisible pink unicorns, monsters who are called "glarf" and will eat anyone who says "blarf" and such, I though anyone with a sense would see why such ideas need a bit more work, but no. I'm now fairly convinced that religion does something to your brain, and I'm not talking about englightenment.

Yea, I know, it's terribly arrogant to dismiss such ideas just like that. It's the arrogance of youth, you know -- you can bet your alpha edition mint black lotus that if I look back at today when I'm some 30 or whatever (assuming I live that long... not certain at all), I'll be chuckling and thinking "such gall, to think I knew everything". Well, to future me: Screw you!

Mmm. And if you happen to harbor thoughts similar to ones I described this nameless friend above presenting, feel free to throw a tomato on the wall.