RAY, acronym for "Raha-Automaattiyhdistys" (word-for-word translation, slot machine association) currently pretty much has monopoly in slot machines here in Finland. From RAY's web pages:

RAY is a significant, widely-known organization with a legal monopoly to function as a gaming operator. RAY's gaming revenue is utilized efficiently and reliably to benefit people needing assistance and support. RAY's games provide something for everyone.

RAY operates slot machines and casino games in Finland. RAY operates games both in its own locations and in cooperation with other businesses. RAY also operates an international casino, Casino RAY, which is located in Helsinki.

Its games are legendary, almost inseparable part of every backwood bar and restaurant.

It is also known as 'RÄY', acronym for "Rahat Ääliöiltä Yhdistys" (literally, "Money From Suckers Association"), but it is a loving term, to a dear, average-pay-out-ratio-of-89% friend.