Damn, my arm still hurts. Well actually, it hurts a bit less now - I think it's numb or something now. It was a while ago that I decided, once and for all, fix all my problems by wasting valuable energy and consequently resources - lifting weights for the sole purpose of lifting weights. So I got to work. I started with an exercise plan from NYT magazine. But damndest! They required rubber bands for most of the exercises. Not to be set back by this major obstacle, I collected my courage for a couple of days and then conspiciously sneaked into a sports/fishing-hunting/electronic appliance store after I had made sure nobody saw me. To make sure, as a cover I first headed to electronic appliance area and grabbed myself 10 dollar (or maybe I should 10 euro... the day is coming, and only now I'm starting to realize that markka is gone, and it's never coming back) head phones. Then I put them down, sneaked back, exited the building, hesitated, cursed myself, walked back in and just walked to the damn shelf, looked around for a while and then bought myself the band. And headphones.

After surviving this venture unscathed, I dutiously started following the directions (and very unlike me, not slipping in the schedule), but over all I felt silly and bored. I mean, if I'm going to exercise I should feel it, right? After a couple of weeks I decided to try a more usual method of just lifting heavy things. 2.2 kilograms and some 300-400 hundred lifts - afterwarsd, besides intense pain in every muscle of my arm, I found my arm wouldn't now straighten. How nice, I thought, I bet this means I'll be arnold schwartzenegger in no time; two days later, I would feel intense pain if I tried to straighten my arm. Nice. Right now, I don't - because after another similar excercise, my right arm is too weak to lift into what they call a "nazi salute".

So much for the body, I'm sure I'll find this rant amusing in ten years, supposing I'm still alive then. On the mind department, after a lengthy stagnant period, I'm undergoing some advance. I started playing go in the summer but only now, as I started playing against humans, I'm actually learning to play it properly (playing against gnugo seems to be more harm than good...); of the four games against two persons today, I won the last two. Fascinating game, that, though now I see buttons circling each other whenever I close my eyes. Guess it's better than seeing rockets flying at me or dreaming about baldur's gate, I suppose... damn, sometimes I think I need to get out more. I once tried to pause life but couldn't find the space key.