*Highly spoily - basically rewrite of the whole book series*

In The Wheel of Time, former queen-in-exile of Andor.

Morgase was born as daugher of House Trakand, just another high noble house back then. However, she was cousin (of noble sorts... technically not all related ;) ) to the Tigraine, whom disappearance caused The Succession. In the turmoil of land trying to decide who should be their queen, Morgase managed to seize the Lion Throne with an aid of several noble houses.

Morgase proved to be also a good ruler, possible the best available. Although having a bit of problem with temper (common trait to almost all women of WoT), she earned the respect of her subjects.

Her first marriage was a pure marriage of politics, without love, to Taringail Damodred, husband of now-gone Tigraine. It was made purely to solidify her claim to the throne. This marriage gave her two children, Elayne Trakand and Gawyn Trakand. She also adopted Taringail's son Galad Damodred as her own.

After Taringail's death, Morgase took Thom Merrilin, a court bard of Andor as her lover. However, after Thom having left without saying a word, went to look for his nefue Olwyn who was in trouble, Morgase's temper got a better of her once more. When Thom came back, they had a bit of flamewar and as a result Thom left Andor with arrest warrant and likely also execution on his kneels.

After all this, Morgase still didn't give up, but took another lowly commoner as lover - Gareth Bryne, the Captain-General of Queen's Guards. However, when Rahvin "invaded" Andor, disguised as Lord Gaebril, climbing his way to Morgase's favors with Compulsion, Morgase exiled Gareth under Rahvin's spell.

With aid of one very devoted subject of hers, she managed to escape Rahvin, and fled to Amadicia to seek help from the Children of Light. Instead, Pedron Niall forced her into agreement of practically handing Andor over to the Whitecloaks. Luckily for her, suddenly Seanchan struck to the Fortress of Light, and in the turmoil Morgase managed to escape. In her wanderings, she met Perrin Aybara, another subject of hers, though Perrin did not recognize her.