Sometimes I really do believe there's something guiding me. Since I'm not religious, I attribute it to various sources; sometimes it's chance, sometimes intuition or {subconscious[ abilities, and sometimes I even imagine it's agents time travelled from future to protect me so I can invent something cool that will save mankind, kinda like in terminator and various marvel comics. OK, OK, so I don't really believe that. But it's fun to imagine. Who wouldn't want to be the savior of mankind?

Few weeks ago on saturday when we had school, I really didn't want to go to school. So, I "forgot" to set an alarm clock and went to sleep. I woke up a bit before seven (the earlier bus to school leaves 07:17). I sighed, and went back to sleep, again "forgetting" to set the alarm clock on. I woke up at 08:30 (and the next bus to school leaves 08:45, that is the bus I was supposed to catch that day). I growled, thought "OK, I get the message", got up and ran to bus. The bus didn't come, of course, since the saturday bus schedule was more sparse. But still, it's curious; it's almost as if I had some sort of internal alarm clock.

Yesterday, that being wednesday, I missed school bus again. This time I had not "forgotten" to set the alarm clock, but actually did forget. It was curious; it was one of the few days I actually wanted to be in school. I had late assignment I wanted to return (I still want to pass my Finnish course...), one I had hastily scribbled tuesday night, about 2 am. Also, I was supposed to have some sort of debate/discussion about child labor and consumers that day. Few weeks earlier someone from university of rovaniemi, making a study, had had us tell us why we would/wouldn't buy potentially child labor -made things, you see, and apparently now she had divided us to groups to discuss it, presumably based on our answers or something. I don't know, really; being absentminded myself, I seldom read the bulletin board and so I know about it only because someone from the group I was assigned to informed me of it.

Being the nerd I am, I was, of course, rather excited by the idea, mostly because the group I was in was composed of myself, some guy I didn't know and three girls. How exciting - because of school assignment they couldn't run away if I tried to talk to them! OK, call me pathetic, I don't mind. To further delve on my misery in vain attempt to gain sympathy and/or advise from someone reading this, I will relate a short event concerning this. I was at finnish class (don't we have anything but finnish classes or what, for chrissake...). Behind me was sitting a fellow that knew me enough to talk to me. No, not a nerd, I think I'm the only one of that sort in our school (quite curious, really; doesn't mixed population of sami people and finnish colonists have that geekgene or what?), he actually is dating someone. In the next row was sitting a group girls. Suddenly one of them turns and asks when I would be attending that debate; apparently she belonged into that group. I mumbled something in the lines of "whenever is fine by me". The guy behind me snickered, poked me in the back and said "you got a chick!". I growled; was this an insult? I went even as far as to call him something obscene, but I think he missed it. After this, I spent the remainder of the day brooding darkly. I think I seemed like Bisquit in Bill Gates' body.

But back to the point, as if I'm supposed to have one. On that wednesday, I woke up at 10:50 to realize I had missed all the buses to school. Our lukio (sort of high school-like) is 40 kilometers away, and next bus leaves at such time that I wouldn't reach my school before the day was over anyways. I growled angrily for the reasons mentioned above but couldn't do anything about it. After a while, I shrugged and went to playing Alpha Centauri (quite a fascinating game, really). Just today, being the "holy thursday" and thus holiday, I realized something as I looked into my hour schedule; I had a physics exam that day. One I was completely unprepared for. Curious. When I started writing this, it was my intent to say that obviously this means some sort of fate prevented me from going school that day because of that exam, but now I wonder, why shouldn't I fail physics exam? Sorry, it doesn't make sense, so I'll just conclude this to say that maybe I didn't wake at time because I was damndest tired, having had too little sleep for a long while now. Maybe I should go study to that damned exam now.

You don't have to do that, really...

P.S. Goddamn! Egghead tells you 'jahas , joku taas aikoo 'unohtaa' kellonsa herätyksen pois expoteltuaan läpi yön'