My last day log got +10. I found that a bit strange, I think it's my second best node by rep now. Guess it was because of the semi-promise of "you will never see me again". Well, sorry to disappoint you, I'm back. I'm not sure which day this daylog should really point to; it's really july 29 of finnish time still to me; I haven't slept in 24 hours as of writing this, nor do I intend to sleep for another 10 or so hours. It's strange how fast being tired can get to you; I'm feeling a bit dizzy, my movements are a bit uncontrollable and I find it almost impossible to focus to television or books. Is this what it is like to be drunk? I'll have to try one day. I think I'll go drink coke now. They say it makes it easier to stay up.

maan, I never realized how fun these day logs can be, you can ramble whatever crosses your mind and nobody will hit you with a herring and nuke your node!