• Step one: Go to Cool archive
  • Step two: Find the node that has been cooled. If you're looking for specific coolant, type his/her name in the textfield and set the option box in the left to "cooled by" mode.
  • Step three: Check the "Cooled by" field in listing.

What to do about it? Well, personally I'd think it doesn't really matter that much whether the coolant is low or high. But, true enough, typically a cool by high noder is better than cool by low noder. I wouldn't still take any action if the coolant happens to be low; it might be that high coolants just didn't reach your magnificent node before it got cooled.

But if you really want to take action, like Pseudo_Intellectual said in Please stop thanking me for cooling your writeup, best way to thank about it is to write more similarly good nodes.