Wake up. What? What the fsck am I doing awake at this time? Geez. Sleep.
Awaken from the middle of a dream where I'm driving down a steep hill in a sleigh and was just going to masturbate in the wind. Umm. Weird things do attempts to stop excessive masturbation do to you, eh? For a moment I'm both in dreamworld and real world, which is pretty confusing. I doze the morning erection off, and this half-sleep I dream that I already got up and connected to 'net. When the link establishes, phone rings and I realize I'm still in bed. Get up.
Attempt to get Eterm working. As is customary, 'make uninstall' didn't clean everything and so my mixed 0.9/0.9.1 install totally fscks everything up. Compiling 0.9.1 with -O4 results in illegal code and crashes. I'm slightly pissed off, go on a rm -rf spree and finally manage a 0.9 that almost works (but is still damn slow). And why does Eterm 0.9 insist on installing to /usr (and doesn't work if I do ./configure --prefix=/usr/local), while CVS Eterm 0.9.1 goes to /usr/local, except for terminfo entry which goes to /usr ?
I get in a fight with almost-friend I've been assisting him in batmud for past 6 months and he refuses to do even a minor favor when I ask him, and instead insists today that I stop whatever I'm doing to help him, if I want _him_ to tell _me_ about good money areas. I tell him, rather elaborately, to fuck off. He doesn't reply after few weak objections.
My little brother's friend's playing slicks on our secondary computer. I tell him to get lost (I'm already slightly pissed off with the world) in 15 minutes. He sneaks away in 5, and I get to computer to do my VGAP turn. RSTs from two games get mixed up, fucking up VPA.DB. I sigh, swap them, unpack again, and only now I realize I just fucked up my VPA5.DB that contained 6 months of game history of vast tactical value. I get really pissed off, hit/kick walls and basically everything that people usually hit when they really need something to drain their adrenaline over. VPA contained turn data for turns 2 - 48, when I unpacked turn data for turn 6 from another game, it figured "right, overwrite turn 6 and save 6 turns, turn 6 I just received being the newest". Geez.
After failed attempts to undelete with DOS 6.0 undelete.exe, I get online and write Alex Ivlev an e-mail where I ask him to GPL the VPA source because I want to fix 'certain misbehaviours'. I close the link and go back to computer to ponder. I try to check winplan helps with winhelp, but suddenly windows decided to GPF winhelp everytime I try to run it. Gee. World just needs to be against me at every turn. At this point I realize my throat is full of mucus. As I try to gag it out, I vomit everything I have eaten for a while but the mucus just sticks. I feel like shit.
I really need to tell about this day somewhere before my head explodes. For reasons evident from above entries, I get here and write a daylog entry. As I log in E2, I notice someone has upvoted what seems like every entry of AC tech tree, among others. Thank you :); the timing was perfect. Are you prescient or something?