In the Wheel of Time, an ambitious Aes Sedai of Red Ajah (woman, as those generally are).

Formerly an advisor to Morgase Trakand, Queen of Andor, she now has returned to White Tower and taken more active role in politics. She has deposed Siuan Sanche and was elected Amyrlin Seat, which is what she'd been dreaming of for a while. Although her methods seem harsh and she certainly seems a fool sometimes, she isn't evil; she wishes Light to victor in Tarmon Gai'don as much as any non-Darkfriend.

As Amyrlin Seat, she has some considerable power, however, her Keeper of the Chronicles, Alviarin Freidhen, has lately limited her maneuverability. It's not easy to defy a Darkfriend with power.

Elaida is like typical Red, she hates men, is very ambitious, is willing to use almost any means to reach a goal and isn't really concerned if this causes some discomfort to innocents. She also seems to think many rules do not apply to her, such as "don't use Power as weapon" (see Three Oaths), which she, while doesn't exactly break, does bend a bit.

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