A fly landed somewhere in our upper living room. I told my little brother to kill it, and he did. Then I got some soft paper to grab the corpse so I could flush it down the toilet. But when I grabbed the corpse with paper, it just crushed and parts of it fell down. I tried to get them, but they would not stick with the paper. I thought they burned through, as if the flies had a blood of acid, like Aliens. Then the remains etched into the floormat and became some sort of black switch made of plastic.

In the dream a battleship construction completed on our shore (we live near the waters of lake inari). It is notable that just before going to sleep, a battleship had completed in my Civilization II game. I went cruising with it in our lake. I wanted to kill those cruisers that had been pestering our shores (in the CivII game, there had been huge swarms of Japanese cruisers in Celtic shores). Suddenly the battleship turned into something that look like a lawnmover, but it gave off electric shocks on a buttonpush (the day before I had played a bit with an electric shock mosquito killer- hit mosquito with it and activate the current just before the hit => snap!). I went on looking the cruisers which had turned into fish, but they always dived before I could hit them. I couldn't see them, and it irritated. Finally I found one, grabbed it on top of my electric killer-lawnmover and gave off a shock. The fish shivered and blast threw it back in water, where it was left floating. I was disgusted at its burnt corpse (it had turned into a fly now; it looked like a fish but feelings I had towards it were like those to a fly). I left it floating and went off.