Today I slayed... slaid... have slain a dragon! OK, I admit it's hardly the first time someone, in some RPG somewhere, killed a dragon, but I can only say that it was cool. I think I'm taking Baldur's Gate II way too seriously, but hey, that makes it all the more fun. Yesterday I purged a temple of shadow, and lawful evil as I may be, it felt just so great. And don't get me even started on aerie... when she stopped talking to me after she died and got resurrected, I was so heartbroken I had to download ShadowKeeper and hack my way back into her good graces again ;) Seriously, it was just a bug involving temporarily leaving the party and romance dialog, but still... and once I discovered the power of save file editing, did I leave it to that? No! I went and tried what would have happened if I'd said "How could I refuse such a sweet offer?". But enough about that, I'm feeling like a weirdo.

School started this week. I went to have a first day of school after months of sleeping, coding, playing alpha centauri and eating. I barely survived it; 5 hours of swedish straight through? Can you imagine it? I didn't come back the next day. It was a voluntary course and I said "fuck the discipline" to myself. But the damn thing keeps coming back. I wonder how I'll survive next tuesday; that time I can't even wimp out.

But still, I can see there's a problem with me and any sort of self-discpline. Today I tried to work on my latest eternity project, an areena-type game. I wrote 5 lines of comment documenting a serializer class and just froze. I booted back to windows and played baldur's gate for the rest of the day. I'll warrant this sort of behaviour isn't going to be very useful for schoolwork, or job for that matter. A friend of mine went to university and accomplished next to nothing the first year, so awestruck by his liberty to sleep and do whatever he wanted all day. I'll have to think of something to avoid the same happening to me. If someone was reading this, I'd appreciate suggestions, though I suppose the only thing to do would be to kick myself in the ass and get a grip. Sigh.

I've been thinking about mass node jobs lately. I like to dump huge node lumps into E2 (probably because I have no a gift for prosaic writing style, nor the skill of writing right-to-the-point snippets (why am I suddenly reminded of WWWWolf?)), and have done so in the past. However, the reaction to them has generally negative, and I wonder. I have some 500 skill/spell help files form BatMUD waiting to be processed, hardlinked and autonoded with extras, but I hesitate. If my 50-writeup batches got a storm of downvotes and NFNs, what would those get? Nuke from the orbit? I could delegate the job to my secondary user, but I'd prefer doing it in my own name. Not for the levels (what good are levels? Honestly? Does anyone care about levels?), but for the name. I don't know about you but I like seeing my own name, which is mostly why I write these rants to the only area that's relatively safe from the noise-culling hand of the editors. That, and the fact that nothing happens in my life, so my daylogs have to be filled with rambles instead.