The River, A Boat, A Dock

I walked out of the house, and down a shallow slope, to where the was tied up. I motored the boat up and down the river for what seem like a long time, and then came back. I had to jump into the water to tie the boat up to the dock, because it was just me and I would have hit the other people's boats if I just drove up to the dock. Somehow, I got confused, and I untied the rope that was holding the dock to the shore and used it to tie the boat to the shore. I didn't notice that there was nothing holding the dock to land, and started walking back up the the slope to the house. For some reason I turned around, and saw the dock floating down the river. "The Dock!" I shouted. My dad came out of nowhere, sprinted to the river, jumped in the boat and took off after the dock.