It's the one about an incredibly amazing group of boys from Manchester, England who ended up banding together in the early 80s to create possibly the most prolific band of the decade.

They called themselves, in typically English style, The Smiths.

You see two of these boys especially formed the nucleus of this creative engine - we will call them Johnny and Morrissey. Johnny was a bit of a swinger - boozing, whoring and whatnot, and by day he crafted some of the most organic and exciting pop songs one could hope to ever hear.Morrissey on the other hand was a famously celibate vegetarian, melancholic to the end and foppish to boot, and his lyrics reflected this - gender bending, existential angst, loneliness - a teen dream.

This conflict was to inform their physical demise but it also ensured the durability of their music.

Eclectic, mad, beautiful, cooing.

This story is an often told one but its relevance remains unrivalled.

All hail the power of The Smiths for they are truth and beauty, and beauty and truth.