In my humble (and not yet terribly alcohol-experienced) opinion, Pete's Wicked Ale is pretty good stuff. Better than most things you can get in a small-town Tennessee supermarket when too low on cash to afford import beers. (Discovered upon following the joking request to "Get some beer" along with the maple syrup to go with pancakes this household enjoyed early this morning before heading off for the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.)

The note on the label (the one from Pete, not the surgeon general) is as follows:
Hey! Thanks for trying my very first (and favorite) brew in the world. Do me a favor. Before you take your first sip, take in a big, deep breath of the dry-hopped, roasted caramel aroma. Then hold it up to the light. See the rich, ruby brown color? The results of the perfect blend of the finest pale caramel and cocolate malts and Brewer's Gold hops. Back in 1986, who would have guessed it would be one day hailed as the "Original American Brown Ale." -Pete Slosberg

Pete's Wicked Ale is put out by Pete's Brewing Co. and has a webpage at or an info-line at 1-800-877 PETE. Other than pictures (most notably a relatively happy-looking guy with a glass raised who might just be Pete) and warnings, that's about it for the info on the label.