i saw her standing by herself, i knew it must be her
checking her makeup and smoothing her clothes
and smoothing her clothes and checking her hair

i stopped the car and smiled. 'it's you' i said
she got in and we drove in silence for a while
admiring the dance of venus across my windshield

broken by her query, strangest thing i've ever been asked

'are you really a mini cab?'

i had to stop the car to think this one over
what did she know?
and could it be true-
could i be a mini cab that thinks it's a man?

and when i turned to ask if she knew
if i was indeed a mini cab
i caught her trying to open the door

but i'd had the child lock on
you've got to stay sharp and steps ahead
she was raising such a racket that i had to tap her on the head
and she was no more trouble

i drove her to a quiet place and fingered her awake
with my other hand over her mouth,
remember, steps ahead,
and we did it 'swedish style'
that's when you never stop asking for consent
'do- you- give- con- sent?
do- you- give- con- sent?'

she sobbed out muffled yesses each time, i think

and i went limp inside her with vicarious shame
i may be a space case, i've been so all my life
even as a baby i barely knew my name
but this girl was a next kind of mental
her animus an alien, to herself a stranger,
so i dragged her out and deanimated her
i disintegrated her
soul from her corpus

she screamed once
she screamed again
and then she screamed no more
i loosed my grip to wipe my hands
and she collapsed on to the floor
as she was a nutter so i left her in the gutter
and i went my way back home