Former professional wrestler with WCW, ECW, and one of the Japnese feds, as well as most recently the WWF. His claim to fame was a willingness to sacrifice his own body for the fans: fighting through barbed wire, exploding ring matches to become king of the death matches, in Japan, for instance, or taking a dive off of the top of the cage, into a table shot in a Hell in a Cell match at King of the Ring in Pittsburgh. He's fluent in Japanese, English, and Spanish and has written a best selling biography, as well as being important to Ron Howard's documentary, Beyond the Mat. Long a monster heel under the the persona of Cactus Jack, after he started his final stint with the WWF, he took up the persona Mankind, and briefly, Dude Love. Long a wrestler with a large cult following, in the WWF he developed into a main event quality face. He has entered a state of retirement after loosing to Triple H in a Retirement match, after a long, brutal sixteen year career.

Former 3 time WWF Champion.
Former WWF Hardcore Champion.
Former 8 time WWF Tag Team Champion.
Former WCW Tag Team Champion.
Former 2 time ECW Tag Team Champion.
Winner of the "King of The Deathmatches" tournament.