There are a few other things that require mentioning when one tries to describe Hiram.

First of all, the school is on a unique academic calendar, called (rather egotistically) the Hiram Plan. The school year consists of two semesters, fall and spring, each of which is broken into a twelve week session and a three week session. During the twelve week, students typically take three classes which meet two-to-three times a week. During the infamous three week, however, each student takes a single class that meets four times a week for three hours a day. The buzzword associated with this is intensive and faculty typically despise it, though students find themselves with more free time, on average.

Secondly, perhaps due to existing in a relative void in terms of local entertainment in addition to its miniscule size, the student body tends to be fairly clique-oriented. You know more or less everyone on campus, at least by sight, and you can at least more-or-less guess where they live by the way they carry themselves -- there are exceptions of course, but jocks live in the Quad and in Miller and select floors of Whitcomb, international students live in Bowler, socialites live in BC, geeks live in Henry, etc.

Hiram College has a low level node contested by the traditions, but not actively fought over. The consensus opinion is that it is enough that its not in the hands of the local garou.