This has been pondering me ever since I started to Everything.
Why are some nodes so C!ool, while others get Klaprothed out of eternity?

I think it boils down not so much to taking the patience to produce a good writeup, but mostly to Creative Thinking, or lack of thereof.

Here's what one can do to improve it (no particular order):

- Practice - find new problems that await solutions.

- Have a role model - either living or dead.

- Use your right side of the brain - draw, do mind mapping.

- Relax - for a while, do nothing, or take a long walk or a monotonous bike ride alone.

- Diversify - read different books, watch diverse TV channels.

- Write down your ideas - carry a dictaphone or a journal with you.

- Sleep well - Mendeleev supposedly dreamed of his table.

- Combine, grow and adapt ideas - there's really not many unique undiscovered ideas left.

- Learn - the more you know about your problem area the more you can avoid reinventing the wheel and inventing the good stuff.

- Use random input - open up a dictionary, pick a word and see if it can be used for a solution.

- Solve the reverse problem. Reverse the results.

- Ask questions - I keep six honest serving men / They taught me all I knew: / Their names are What and Why and When / And How and Where and Who - Rudyard Kipling

- Use all Six Thinking Hats - fact, emotion, caution, benefit, alternatives and overview.

- Trust your subconcious mind - it knows all the answers.

I'd be really interested in hearing more ideas.