A negmount (short for necessarily existent gold mountain) is a term coined for use primarily in the philosophical discipline. In metaphysics, the negmount became commonly used in arguments against the proof of God as a necessarily existent being.

The original argument proposes that the universe exists because it was dictated as such by a necessarily existent being (a being that exists because it must exist to have enacted the universe. It follows that this being must exist because it is hard to argue that the universe does not exist, even for most idealists and anti-realists). The next step is to claim that God is this necessarily existent being.

The negmount counter is to restate the argument in such a way as to replace God with the negmount. The end result is to show that you can claim anything you want as the necessarily existent being without changing the validity of the argument.

This didn't go over well with theists because they didn't like the idea of God being equivalent to a golden mountain. And the non-theists rejected it, because they were unimaginative slobs and didn't like the idea of anything, let alone a necessarily existent mountain of gold (i.e. negmount) being capable of creating the universe, without prior consent from the nelop (necessarily existent laws of physics, which I just completely made up).

If anyone finds the negmount, which is probably akin to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, please mark down the longitude, latitude, and any discernible landmarks along the way and e-mail them to the author of this entry. He wants some neg.