I bought a car today.

My SO and I awoke early. Lox bagel with coffee was our fuel for the morning. Off to the auto mall we go.

SO’s car was totaled not to long ago. Do not worry, the car was hit while it was parked. This is best way of totaling your car. Actually the car was hit the night before we were scheduled to fly to Cozumel for some well deserved relaxation and some diving on the Palancar.

Today we move on!

We looked at all of the popular varieties of car-gone-truck or in the more popular nomenclature, SUV. It was hit and miss trying to find a vehicle that could actually hold it’s own while crossing the snowy summit into Truckee.

The Honda CRV could be best described as a weak, clunky box that couldn’t pull a sled out of a snowy ditch.

The Toyota Rav4 could only be described as an over-priced pile of cheap parts with a very mushy ride.

The Jeep Liberty was powerful, beautiful and sucks gasoline like a Sherman tank.

We settled on the extremely functional, reliable and cute vehicle that is the Subaru Forester. The more time that we spend in this vehicle, the more we feel satisfied with our choice of vehicle.

If you need a ride, I will take you there! Never hesitate to use the butt-warmers.