I have acquired numerous parking tickets in the city of San Francisco. Until today, I really had no idea how many or the total amount of the fees. I have had this cavalier, ‘pay them later’ kind of attitude, towards my citation collection.

It is virtually impossible to park in San Francisco without paying an exuberant amount of money, unless you have a garage or your work does. All parking zones near my work and my home allow for only two hours of parking. Going over the two hours will result in a $30.00 ticket. These zones also have street cleaning 2 to 3 days out of the week, in the wee hours of the morning.


Today my car was towed. I was parked outside of my girlfriend's apartment. Apparently they had some early morning street sweeping and decided that I had enough tickets to go ahead and tow it. I checked with the Department of Parking and Traffic to find out what I owed and how many tickets I had. 26 tickets for a total of $769.00.

Friday, June 29th 2001 9:00AM
Take the Bart to work.
Friday, June 29th 2001 9:45AM
Called all necessary departments.
Friday, June 29th 2001 10:00AM
Walked 6 blocks to the DPT, to pay tickets totaling $769.00.
Friday, June 29th 2001 11:30AM
Walked 6 more blocks to the Hall of Justice, where the City Tow office is located, to pay another $139.25.
Friday, June 29th 2001 12:30PM
Took a cab to Pier 70, located across town near the bay, to retrieve my towed car.
Friday, June 29th 2001 1:30PM
Returned to work. Parked in the 2 hour zone outside.


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