And in San Francisco it rains.

It’s been a while since I have noded anything on everything. I don’t know how many times I have read that in a persons daylog. I guess we all need our breaks, our undefined times, our whatever. During my break, I have consistently read nodes and up-voted most of what I have read. I have accidentally accumulated a large number of XP, for having such a random and crappy bunch of nodes. Hey, who cares about XP?

Anyway, this is a daylog, so I must do the daylog thing.

October 18, 2001

I lost my job as a Content/Metadata Manager for a B-B e-commerce hub. In other words, I got laid off from a stupid website.

October 20, 2001

My girlfriend threw a big party for my 29th birthday. All of my Cali friends showed and it was wonderful.

October 21December 12, 2001

Slipped in and out of consciousness. Rock climbed and/or Mountain Biked four or more days a week. All the while, taking in nodes.

December 13, 2001

Got dumped by my girlfriend.

Ok you might think that this is just another sad node. No, it’s not. I actually have good news. First of all, I will be going back to Austin in a couple of days, for the holidays. I will see all of my old friends, including suckapant. I will also see my family, including my one year old niece, whom I hardly know at all. I will have a great time, but that’s not the good news. I have decided to get back into school and I am determined to learn something other than computers. I plan on studying Geology. Volcanoes are neeto. Well, that’s my news.

And for all of those noders wondering if the Simulated Car Alarm worked. Yes it did!

Now back to my break.