That the blue could bleed black
Punctured, as it was, by the javelins
Of light streaking across the darkness
You see, he says, that one there
His hands, heavy as boulders
From across the entire galaxy
Yet he knew, the perfect pressure
That sun sent a piece of itself
So that I knew he was there
To touch your eye
Like a memory made flesh
I believed so many things
I believed that he fell
Through that beautiful void
And then rose above it
On the same day
The small planes aren’t as safe
But they’re a hell of a lot more fun
If a sun could reach me, I thought
Then surely, so could the dead
Just a little tap on the shoulder


I read that the universe expands
As if the days of blue stay the same
While the nights move slowly away
In darkness, an army of stars retreating
And I wondered if heaven moved with it
Its choirs of angels fading, like the siren
Of an ambulance turning the corner


A long time ago
Every night I looked through lenses
People believed the gods lived on a mountain
Trying to find his star
And threw down lightning in anger
I learned morse code
And then one day everyone decided
To see which star flashed my name
There was one god, who lived in the sky
One day I stopped
I knew, those phantom hands
Would never return
I knew, that the sky, big as it was
Only had room for our hopes
And our lies