Skyler says it and he is correct as motherfucking usual, I know it is true but can grasp it only as abstract future truth. He is living it and looking back to tell me it truly only gets worse and faster and more out of control and it scares me to think time could go any faster than this. I want to grab onto him and say If we both try I bet we can hang onto time, twist and warp it for our own selfish uses, I bet no one will ever even notice. Let's break some laws. Come on try with me, let's freeze and hoard at least this moment for longer than we have a right to. However the movie is starting so I do not get all dramatic.

Later, when I am not even trying, it happens. It is like a lucid dream where you have to be very very careful not to fuck it up by paying too much attention. I realize in time, before I ruin it. It's nothing really, just us across a hawaiian-flower tablecloth laughing and eating greenbeans with our fingers. Something blessedly far back in my consciousness says, Here, have this. This moment is a long one. Make it good. And it is.

Later, going to separate cars, across a wet parking lot I say Thanks for the movie. Skyler says And dinner, and my company. That's true, I say. Thank you.