Oh, my, what an ugly fruit. Often described as "striped," the Stayman apple is more often blotchy and mottled, an unappealing mix of dull red and sickly green. Its skin is rough and papery, prone to weird bumps and lesions. This apple tends to get fatter on one side than the other, giving it a drunken list. This is not the apple you want to put in your fruit bowl or cornucopia, unless you have flawless judgment and excellent taste, as the Stayman is among the most delicious of apples.

The Stayman is good both raw and cooked. I have only tried the former so far. Its skin may be oddly-textured, but it is thin and easily chewed, not tough. Its off-white flesh is tart and sweet and good.

They keep well - I had one bumping around the bottom of my bookbag for a week at least - still delicious.

In the US, the Stayman apple is primarily grown in the West Virginia / Washington, D.C. area, and is generally available from late October until April.

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