On the way to the city there were two enormous beetles in my car. They sparkled with green and blue jewels. They could fly, but heavily. I shooed one out the right window and one out the left.

The jewelry store was closed but was still letting people in to see the largest diamond in the world. I read an informational brochure while waiting for the old woman to get tired of cooing over it. The boy was thoroughly bored and told me he was going to come back and steal all the jewels he could carry. There were no guards to stop him. By this time it was a lucid dream and I stepped very carefully up to the diamond's display case. It didn't look that big. The light was bad, so I walked around the case, tryng to catch a sparkle. Every time I walked around t, the diamond grew bigger, which I didn't realize until it was the size of a pumpkin, though still set in a silver ring. I still wasn't impressed until it began to glimmer from the inside out, and then I could see the millions of tiny silvery facets that someone had chipped and smoothed. I knew it had been done by hand, and I knew it had taken decades. By this time, I knew enough to be impressed with everything that happened.