Conrad's dirigible was tipping just like he warned me it would. Why hadn't I stayed on the platform? I looked out and down and saw the ground yawing up towards me, I could not stand the idea of staying and being crushed into the ground with all the other bodies, I swayed sickly forward and jumped out, really I fell out but I was pretending to jump, braver than falling.

I landed on things that broke under me and kept breaking. It didn't hurt but I could feel whatever they were, under me, breaking into bits, down down down, like falling through branches that never stopped. I held my eyes shut tight and tried not to breathe till I was done. Finally everything was still and there was something solid under my body and I could open my eyes and there was someone outlined against the sky, the sun too bright to see her face, haloed, she was singing to me and I knew it was all over, I shut my eyes again and woke up.